Friday, August 29, 2008

Malaysian Public Transportation

I just reached home from Tronoh and yet I couldn't wait to get to my computer.

I have just experienced something that simply made my blood boil.

The bus I took stopped at Puduraya, and from there, I took the LRT to Bandar Tasik Selatan station. From there, I walked over to the cab station and waited for a cab to take me home. I used to call my relatives to come pick me up, but I decided to try the cab for once.

This one cab came. I asked if he could take me to Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, he hesitated but then he said yes. There was another lady sitting down in front with the driver, which I assumed at first was another passenger. Turns out she's his wife.

I got in and he drove. 3 minutes afterwards, he said, "x bleh la nk hantar pg tempat tu. Ktrg turunkan kat sini," pointing to a bus station on the left.

I was like, "kenapa xbleh hantar? Tadi bagi saya naik."

The woman in front muttered something about having to pick up their children from school. I was so appalled, yet I managed to ask how much was the fare.

He had the nerve to say,"2 ringgit je". With my god given legs, I could've walked a mere 100m if I wanted to. But I paid, and got out without another word. Seconds later, another guy got into their cab and he drove away. So much for parenting responsibilities.

It didn't come as a shock to see that Malaysian public transportation service ranks low, in accordance to a survey conducted by expatriates in this country. As a Malaysian citizen, I'm very ashamed of this and to experience something like this first hand is an eye opener.
No wonder people are hesitating to ride public transportation, and opting for their own cars instead.

Heck I was one of the biggest hesitators about taking cabs and buses. But how can you have a say about something you don't know? That's why I decided to give them a chance. And at what price. I'm cringing just thinking about it.

And while the government is busy preaching to the whole nation to change their lifestyles to compensate the fuel hike, (case 1: go for public transportation! ^_^) many citizens are getting ripped off by these irresponsible people. Personally, I'm more disgusted at these people whose moral values are messed up.

So much for wawasan 2020. With drivers like this lurking around, I'd be glad to reach half of that. I say good luck, Malaysia.

Reckless bus drivers must be stopped
"I thought express buses are only supposed to drive at 90kph. This bus driver went way above the speed limit."
-courtesy of TheStar.

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