Saturday, November 29, 2008

Five Things I Can't Live Without on a Holiday

Since I'm a holiday, and since I've been talking non-stop about holiday-related stuff, why not make another post about holidays? Here are my top five things to bring on a holiday:

1. Books: This time my choice of book is Twilight. This is because I picked it up one day before going on this holiday and I haven't finished it yet then. Naturally, I wouldn't wanna part with it. Why books? When you're waiting 2 hours in the airport, when you're by the pool but not wanting to swim, at night after a big meal and you can't sleep straight away--you'll be glad that you have something to kill your time and enjoy doing it at the same time.

2. Cellphone: I can't live without my phone. Period. I know for a fact that so can't you.

3. Camera: I bought this savvy little camera a few weeks ago after reading many reviews and combing the camera websites for info. I love my Casio Exilim EX-Z1080. I bought it on ebay for RM550(currently it's around rm800 in stores). It's crazy value for money.

4. Sneakers: I brought two sneakers with me this time. Yet, it's not enough. I saw one time on discovery channel that showed people how to survive a plane crash and one of them is to wear suitable shoes to allow us to get away fast. Not wedges, or slippers or god forbid, heels.

5. Toiletries: I've got a little bag of toiletries which I bring with me everytime I go traveling. I bought little bottles my fave products and pack them in the little bag.

Obviously, there are other other things to take along on a holiday. For example, clothes; but like I said, it's just a list of five selected things. I think it's important to have a list of things to take along on a trip so that you won't overpack or underpack. You'll really appreciate your initial thoughtfulness on the holiday later. 


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