Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm naturally annoyingly lembut, so shut up

sweet (swēt)
adj., sweet·est
1. having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub; "an angelic smile"; "a cherubic face"; "looking so seraphic when he slept"; "a sweet disposition" [syn: angelic]

nice (nīs)
adj. nic·er, nic·est
1. of good character and reputation; respectable.
2. exhibiting courtesy and politeness; "a nice gesture" [syn: courteous]

Since when is being sweet or whatever you call it a crime? I really hate it when somebody says I'm so lembut-- it actually sounds like something's wrong, like, lelaki lembut. OMG. And it's funny how people interpret being sweet as nice. I don't see the correlation at all. Seriously. People. I'm nice because I'm nice. It's not I'm nice because I'm sweet. Where the hell did all these people get this idea?

It's easy how everyone overlooks the fact that eventhough I'm sweet, I can choose to be like Paris Hilton. Or like a cheerleader who's all sweet outside but a devil inside. Then say, if I'm Paris Hilton and I'm sweet but I backstab my friends, everyone will be really shocked out of their mind and say things like, oh she's so phony.

My point really is, stop judging by the cover. And I'm not nice because I'm sweet. Sweet and nice are two very different things. I even had the decency to place definitions up there. So are you educated now?

p/s: Now stop looking at me like I'm a fragile thing. I feel like a freaking cripple. (I'm sorry. No offense to the disabled. I understand why you hate being treated with overwhelming sympathy.)


johnson said...

of course they are two different things. and they arent related to each other. i think im a nice guy, (i think...), but i wouldnt say that im a sweet guy. ppl wud barf continuously.

although they are two different things, i think you are both. hehe. i THINK. haha.

theres nothing wrong or crippling about being lembut. except when your a guy, then there might be something wrong there. MIGHT be. but if ur gay, then there is DEFINITELY something wrong. huhu.

Bubbly Sabrina said...

are you ok?? *hugs*

when people say.."awak ni lembut lah":

1. they compliment you. sometimes they wish or want to be like you.

2. they tease you.

it depends on us; kalau kita nak happy, fikirlah nombor 1. *smiles*

you get moody when people say u LEMBUT which lead them to say SWEET and NICE...

and i get moody when people say me KURUS which lead them to say DIET...and PENYAKIT... =)

it's ok adil, writing the post can help people to understand us that we don't wanna be called this and that.

Adil said...

when people say awak ni lembut sangat la with a scowl on their face, I dont think that's a compliment. But anyhow, they can think whatever they wanna think cause we can't change people, nor can we satisfy everyone. Im cool with it right now.

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