Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things I'm grateful For

She influenced me to do this list.
I'm just ganna do 10, and it's not in order or importance.

  1. That I'm healthy and whole.

  2. Having a Family

  3. Having a home to go back to at the end of the day

  4. Having FRiends to laugh & cry with

  5. Slim Genes from mom's side

  6. My Cetaphil facial cleanser

  7. The hamsters I got left: Milo & Sinichi

  8. Coming to UTP, forcing me to GROW UP

  9. High stamina for shopping

  10. My religion


Cres said...

Slim genes is definitely your thing. Jealous! Cetaphil cleanser is understandable. The others, saya pening baca sebab your tulisan tukar2 size font! It jumps, or rather, screams out to me!

Adil said...

Cres!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok so not appropriate to shout your name here excitedly bt whatever.hehe) u came! U so need to show some love more often. About the different sized fonts, i was going for catchy instead of confusing. You sure it didn't work? You MUSt come up with a blog so i cn criticize(constructive,ok) too. If you decide to make one, dont forget to gimme credit for inspiring you B-)

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