Sunday, December 21, 2008

I've Really Caught the Twilight Bug Now

Sorry everyone, but I'm not ready to let go of Twilight just yet. All this time, I've scoured the bookstores in Klang Valley to no avail. Twilight is officially out of stock unless someone can tell me otherwise.

I went to MPH Mid Valley, Borders The Gardens, The Curve Borders, Popular in Leisure Mall and Cheras Selatan, and Times in Pavillion. My agents reported unavailability in Kinokuniya, in Times Square and in Sunway Pyramid. So like I said, it's pretty much sold out.

There's some on Ebay but those have crazy shipping prices from the US. I think I'll wait till the Twilight mania has toned down a notch and start looking again. But I'm not about to wait like a frog waiting for the rain(that's a very bad comparison) instead I've pre-ordered my copies from Popular.

It's cool, except that I have to wait for another month or so which prompts me to go on massive binge book buying to contain myself from ripping the Twilight book into two due to excessive impulsive reading. If it sounds scary, it actually is.

Occasionally, I'd stumble across pictures of the Twilight cast on the web and I'd save them in their own special folder called "cute". I'm posting some here for your viewing pleasure.

Meet superhero of the month doing my favorite pose of him. Look at that stare that says "BACK OFF" but to me it says "COME HERE".

They're both soo good looking I can't stop looking at them. It's a love triangle.

Okay this one has cuteness written all over it.

He's all scruffy here(I'm used to seeing him neat & trim) but scruffy or no scruffy, as long as he plays clean-shaven Edward Cullen, I'm up for it.

...And of course the ones from Vanity Fair:

That's it for now about my two favorite fictional characters. Don't worry, you'll see more of Bella and Edward in the future. There's at least another sequel to Twilight and 2 more books to go. Don't bite me >_<

Thanks mtv and instyle.

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