Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Source of Headache These Days

This is how a portion of my room looks like now. As you can see, it's really not very neat. In fact, that's an understatement because my room actually rivals the hamster cage. And perhaps the hamster cage will win hands down in terms of neatness.

I've been collecting junk without realizing it. Thing is, I can't seem to throw away anything--even plastic bags, which I stuff into a bigger paper bag. This have been going on since year 2000 since that was the year my family and I moved into the house.

These are some of my Reader's Digest and Archie comic books. I stopped reading the comic books when I was 15 but they're still on the rack. Now my younger brother continues expanding the collection of Archie.. (the one on the right side is an empty diary year 2003. Don't ask ~_~)

I couldn't even throw away boxes. It's a bit sad but I just know that I'm ganna need it someday. Whenever that is.

A part of my beloved collection of fiction books. Unlike other things, I sold off some of the books that I didn't like. So what's left here is concentrated Pulitzer, best-seller books. I'd rather eat worms than to have to burn/lose/give away the books. Can you spot Twilight?

My collection of mind-numbing magazines, except Times with the Benazir Bhutto cover. Yeah btw, Ashlee Simpson really looks better with her new nose.

Right now all those wicked stuffs are on the floor. I discard dirty clothes on the floor. Newly-washed clothes are discarded on the floor because even if I fold it, I'm going to have to take it out again right? So that's my mentality nowadays. Deep down inside, I know it's just a passing phase. I wasn't like this before, nor will I be in the future. This is now, and in the present where I feel kinda lost and unbalanced especially since now that I don't have a wardrobe. Or a book rack. Whatever. I'm out!


Teha said...

Hey, I spot some of my novels dekat ur shelves too. =)
Have u read Breaking Dawn? That one is damn nice. Seriously. I skipped Eclipsed sebab New Moon kurang best for me and tak sabar nak baca the part Bella tuka jadi vampire. =)
I still worships Edward the novel daripada Edward the movie tho.
Ehehehe =P =P =P

Adil said...

Hie! I haven't read breaking dawn yet. I will. Oh I will. Just have to get my hands on that one first. New Moon's storyline made me miss Edward Cullen alot but I don't dare skip Eclipse. Lets discuss again when I'm finished with it =D

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