Sunday, December 14, 2008

At Last, the New Layout is Out

Behold The Layout Muse:-

Yea I know funny that the muse is a stationary object but this thing is all gorgeousness. Always wanted a necklace stand. I saw a lot of these in Mid Valley at the ground floor in the little stalls along the pathway.

Anyways this is the new layout, I purposely wanted it to have a clean and neat feeling to it. Because obviously other parts of my life couldn't be this neat. So at least my blog layout is.

I spent one whole Saturday tweaking and fine tuning the whole thing, from the header to the post and side sections. For your information, this is originally the minima stretch theme that blogger provides in the template, but I find it a bit dull because millions of other people have the same 'ol same 'ol minima. So I changed it a bit here and there--making a template from scratch would be too hard for me but I'm pretty satisfied with it right now.

Hope this one is easy on your eyes. I really tried to make it eye-friendly. If there's something to comment on, tell me k. Lalala. Ok going. Chao~


Bubbly Sabrina said...

ahah! not bad! neat and clean indeed! Good job!! =D

Adil said...

Thanks :)

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