Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do Humans This Perfect Actually Exist?!

Before I show you the video, let me say something first. The reason why I like this video soo much is because I just felt like it's something that every girl could possibly want(OR perhaps, everything I would want :P ). And yeah, of course right now since I'm already scarf crazy, it's only fitting. If I wasn't already wearing hijab, I'd want to wear one. Seriously..

And in case you're wondering, the song is Halili by Cheb Mami & Elissa and yes, it's in french & arabic. So hot.

OK. I'm not ganna say too much now. Enjoy.

Please watch till the end, because the good ones doesn't show in the beginning. (The first few ones aren't my favorite.)

Say something. I wanna know what you think!

P/s: Don't get weirded out whenever I comment about your pretty scarf when you're talking about politics. Their just so shiny and soft...........


Bubbly said...

amazing amazing amazing!!
awesome awesome AWESOME!!!

simple nye cara mereka pakai and yet still so beautiful..
tak yah lipat lipat tepi kepala..
biarkan je bulat begitu.. hmmph.

but why kan...when we try to wear like them... it turns out weird and funny??? why why???

is it because of my face isn't that oval and long like them???

damn! I'm gonna try even harder to look picture perfect!!

p/s: love the song too. =D

hartini islet of lingerhen said...

subhanallah. hebatnya ciptaan Allah. =) cantik perempuan tu~

Helmi Razali said...

Allah gives us creativity, so that we can still look good no matter what kind of dressing code that we have to adhere to.

and i have a british girl, wearing hijab,
she's modest,
but is drop dead gorgeous.

PHIRDOTE said...

miracle ;)

Adil said...

bubbly-- haha so true.. why does it sumhow look weird when we try it??

hartini islet of lingerhen-- they are pretty

helmi razali-- i dunno, i feel that sometimes wearing hijab actually accentuates pretty facial features.

phirdote-- miracle ;))

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