Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Being Handy

I realized that I only have 5++ months to go before my internship ends. That's why for the past two weeks, I've been in my coveralls on my feet (figuratively) in my room, hammering away. I know you can't imagine me being such a handy person because of one stupid notion, but those who know me dearly would know that I'm the person they can count on for lending a hammer or a screwdriver.

In fact I had two hammers in college. One for me, one for people who borrow but never returns it.

Anyway back to what I was saying, last week on Saturday, I went to Ikea to pick up a rack. I planned to hang around for 1 hour the most. But of course, all plans foiled when you reach Ikea. The whole jaunt took 2.30 hours, excluding late lunch. It was actually good timing if you ask me, because usually a trip to Ikea is equivalent to a paid day trip. Then I checked out Bijou Bazaar, but that's another story.

I got home and unloaded the ridiculously heavy DIY rack (of course somebody helped me with that. I'm simply a handy person, not a MAN), brought it upstairs and expected my brother to help me put it together. Surprise, surprise, he doesn't like this kind of stuff.

I did whack him and shouted "what??!!! Are you kidding me??? But you're a guy!!!!" He gave me a shrug and went on using the computer.

Then I realize that's like saying to me, "WHAT??! You don't know how to cook??? But you're a girl!!!!!" I would answer yeah, I guess. A shrug. And continue eating.

Hopeless prospect.

So what I did was to take matters into my own hands. It was quite fun doing it in the middle of night and waking the neighbors and brothers with my hammering. I wouldn't have asked for anyone's help if that thing wasn't so heavy! My poor back.. but I did it with no harm done.

And just to share the pictures.




So, does anybody wanna pay me for assembling their DIY furniture? I can also do wall racks, machine drilling for lighting, mirror and also repair your faulty doorknobs. I'm joking, don't take me seriously people.


cres said...

I'm so proud of you! Now I know who to go to when I need a handygirl around in UTP.

Anonymous said...

Nice racks... Where did you get that? Can give any measurements?

Adil said...

Cres, thanks! Sure you can come to me. Then in return you can blanje me! It's a win-win situation right? tee hee.

They ARE nice.. I got it from Ikea. You need a big vehicle to carry that thing or pay Ikea people to send it to your place. Measurements: Approx 3 inch x 5 inch

Katelin said...

i am so impressed, i am so useless when it comes to assembling anything, haha.

Adil said...

Thanks! It's not that hard really. It's not like I sawed the wood and cut it into those bits that you can see in the first pic.. It'll be nice though to have someone to help you with the lifting and fixing.

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