Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures of the pampered hamsters

Featuring Milo, Cholte, Kasturi, Obama & Sinichi

CIMG2870 copy

“YEAHHH I GOT OUT!!! ………………uh. So now what?” - Milo

CIMG2886 copy

“It’s a small world.” - Sinichi

CIMG2875 copy

“Don’t Disturb. Come again at night.” - Cholte

CIMG2873 copy

“Shake ma thang, walawala shake ma thang” - Milo

CIMG2880 copy

“After a day’s work.” (Running) - Cholte

CIMG2847 copy

“I’m camouflaging. Shoo go away.” - Obama


“My teammates are counting on me in the hamsterlympics!” - Kasturi

CIMG2895 copy

“Back to work!.” - Cholte

Hamsters are really fun to care for!! They’re not like mice or gerbils or rats. They’re very cuute.., not expensive and very hygienic by nature.

One thing that surprised me is how distinct their personalities are from each other. That’s something nobody told me before I took them into my care. I prefer these teddy bear hamsters because first, they’re the largest out of other common hamster types such as the dwarf hamster or the roborovski hamster. Second, they’re easy to tame and won’t bite unlike the more aggressive little hamsters. Third, they respond to you when you call them, especially with food and they’ll come to you and grab the food with their tiny forefeet.

They love to stand on their hind legs which makes them appear like bears, especially the brown ones. One reason why kids choose hamsters is because they’re somewhat low maintenance compared to other house pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits etc. They eat almost anything, I’ve given them chocolate in the past. As snacks of course.

I didn’t buy all five hamsters. They procreated and I couldn’t give them away! I keep them in three separate cages because not all of them get along. Milo will attack any other hamster in her sight, so she gets her own cage. Cholte stays with her aunty Kasturi and Sinichi stays with Obama.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’m putting up a badge saying I’m a proud hamster owner! You can take it if you want, but please link back to this blog. Take Care!

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