Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Taking a Break

I haven't been a good blogger lately. It's so hard to sit down and write something when all you wanna do is escape the monitor glare. I stare at the monitor screen for long hours in the office that I see stars. Then come home to surf some more. My eyes have weird red lines in them from staring too much at the monitor. Even so, sometimes I ignore them and I'm sure I can be categorized as a "computer addict". They send people like me to rehab in China.

I want to learn traditional lady roles, namely cooking. but I'm scared of oil in the wok. I wish I was American. Then I would learn cooking minus the hot oil and not be whispered about at family soirées. Wish me luck, I'm buying a new oven. (because our last one was in year 1999)

One of my goals (note the plural) during internship and bunking at home is to learn mandarin. It's hard. Mandarin is hard. My Lao shi is from China, wo de lao shi cong zhong guo. When I said something in mandarin she said she could understand me. And she told me that's good, you have good pronunciation. At least I felt rewarded even a little bit. I don't care. At least a Chinese from China understood me! If that isn't to be celebrated for, then I dunno what is, seriously. And I can write a bit. I've only MASTERED two characters so far: me & you. I can recognize some other characters as well, but it's all very muddled. I might say "house" when it's actually "walking" or something like that.

I told you I've mastered the "me" & "you". Though I think my computer writing is slightly more passable than my real writing on paper.

I'll take everyone out for some peking duck if I could carry a conversation without pausing and looking stupidly into air for inspiration!!!!! So far, everyone has been amazingly supportive of me learning pu tong hua. I love you guys SSOOOO much.

I wanna catch up on a lot of things, and most importantly I don't wanna look at the monitor screen for infinite period of times. I wanna read 3 books a week like I used to. I wanna go shopping. I wanna bake. I wanna sleep at 10.30. I wanna try weigh like a normal person. If they won't send me to rehab, I'll try rehabbing myself.

That's godly long for a title such as "I'm taking a break". I should've wrote "Hello, I'm going off the virtual world for a while till.... I dunno when. Don't miss me. Bye bye. Be good!"

But you get my point right? I won't be writing for a while. Maybe 2 weeks, who knows.
Goodbye for now. Me eyes are hurtin.

xoxo <3

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