Thursday, February 5, 2009

You're Not a Boy, So You Don't Understand

So you see, I was in the car on the way home when the ubiquitous Beyonce song came on air. I started singing along with the song though it was probably William Hung standard. I followed the song up to the part where she sang "If I were a boy, I think I would understand.........." I was taking a deep breath for another screaming part when suddenly Beyonce's voice was replaced by a guy's voice.

I thought, what the.... At first I thought the DJs were trying to be funny by intersecting the song! Yea, it was that bad in the beginning. Turns out they remixed the whole song to include a guy's point of view. I'm not liking the guy's voice, to be honest I still dunno who was singing and I'm not bothered to check. (Wait. It's Lee Carr?? I'm not sure who he is.)

There's just something about this song that explains something to me and I go, really? It's actually like that? After all this while, I was thinking guys are cruel and I agree with the song 100%!! But deep down, I always wanted the song to be answered. What would a guy actually say to those allegations. Sometimes guys avoid explaining themselves, it's very FRUSTRATing. Why can't guys be more forthcoming and honest for once! And the things they do just doesn't make sense. If you're protesting about something, just stop and tell us what's wrong for goodness sake. And stop behaving funny and hurting our feelings :( Huh.

Yeah and by the way, if you haven't seen the If I were a boy video, go check it out. That thing has been around for a very long time already. You wanna know which part got me heated up the most? The part where the guy says " What, it's not like Im sleeping with the girl." I felt like lending him a smack in the face with my metal-laden safety shoes. At first it was Beyonce who said it, same goes to her.

Some last words for the guys... don't treat your girls like yoyos. Menyampah ok. With that, I rest my case.


Macham Iz Punye said...

ohh best nye vidyo kelip yg why non muslims would want to wear hijab,

ok tengs tapi u pun pakai hijab kaan? linked.

Adil said...

Kan? bleh bayangkan tak macammane persepsi orang kat dia.. Kenapa orang bukan islam nak pakai hijab? Walaupun dah tau sebab2 dia, masih macam tak percaya.

Linked also.

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