Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Am a Mediocre Case of 9 to 5

I've been postponing a real entry all this while by putting up stuff like that fun fun commercial, and that video about the non-muslim who wants to wear Hijab. You should watch that. How often does a non-muslim wanna touch a Hijab? Let alone wearing it.

I can't put off writing a real post any longer. I just don't have much to say lately because working keeps me occupied and tired throughout the week. And I feel like a robot. Robots do not think. Robots do work. That's how it is with working. Most of the times anyway. Notice how many times I said work in the above?

Here's how my week goes like:

Wake up at 6.15am. Get ready, skip breakfast and head out to work. Stuck in traffic jam and sing Let's Dance super loud. Do work. Do work. Ladidadida. Lunch and gossip. Then back to work. Surf the net when there's no work. Get excited over Superbid Wednesday and cast worrying glances at the clock when daily meetings go on for too long. Do work. Do work. Rush back home at 5. Btw, 'rushing' takes approximately one hour. At home, walk through house in a blur and do activities which will later be forgotten due to temporary memory loss from exhaustion. Sleep at 11.30pm. I don't know how I manage, but I'll regret the morning after when obviously I'm sleep-deprived.

From all this, my hamsters suffer. Because I can't deal with another responsibility such as cleaning hamster farm & poo.

I'm just kidding, they get plenty of love. And when I'm too tired to monitor them roaming in their cute running ball, I let them free in my room, where they chew on my closet. And have more babies. I have alot to thank my hamsters.

On weekends, I prefer to take up space on the couch or stuck to the good ol computer chair and spend hours seeing how people live their lives. I know my days sound bleak, but it isn't, really.

I just didn't mention that on weekend nights, I'll be dragged off to another family soiree (<-- I like this word, swaa ray). We gossip, and laugh mad dogly and eat to our hearts content. At the end of the night, I can't even sleep.


Perangai semua orang baru balik masjid

One more thing that I didn't mention is that since my mom is a full-time homemaker, she'll be gearing up for a shopping trip on the weekends. And for those who don't know me, I respond to the word 'shopping' like a guy responds to the Pussycat Dolls. I don't have to explain myself here right?

Then there are other things such as home cooked food, comfy bed, comfy floor(in college we have cement as floors), Astro on standby, and of course 24 hours of fully functional internet connection. Plus, I've got time to indulge in my reading sessions whereby I've bought 11 fiction books in 2 months and read 7.

Sure, working may be draggy sometimes, but that's what's happened when you fall into a routine. And I know exactly what I need:


A holiday by the beach! SIGHS.

Side Note: I stumbled upon this very likable, very adorable blog called Color Me Katie. The part I like most are her whimsical & funny pictures that makes you go OOhh that's too creative. Bravo!!

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