Monday, May 11, 2009

And There Was Star Trek


I wonder why some people feel they are fit enough to pass judgments on me when all they did was to look at me for 5 minutes? I was falling asleep in the surau when some makcik got in and said, “tak de keje eh? Masih ada masa nak berehat2.” Mind your own business, woman.

Today at work was pretty eventful. I played a game on Cimbclicks that give Nokia handphones to the top 5 winners. So far I’m ranked 359. Then I went to the bank, it was full, I went back. Me and friends planned to have lunch in McD. It was too hot outside so we cancelled. I went to the canteen twice to buy snacks and drinks. See? Eventful.


As for updates on my car, I’m happy with it, but I’d be ecstatic if the car doesn’t accelerate like an old lady. Luckily I’ve got heads up before buying the car, so I know.

I still can’t get over how short the car is. The car trunk is non-existent. It’s a blast getting out of tight spots. A little maneuver and I’m out.


I’m glad my hamsters aren’t procreating any further. The lengths we go through to make sure of that is almost amazing. 5 cages for 5 hamsters. It’s a zoo I tell ya. Thank god I need to clean only once every fortnight.


I watched it last Friday. Friday night Friday night. Night of freedom and celebrations. Freaking fantastic. Went into the cinema with 1% knowledge of Star Trek, no expectations and previews nor summary readings beforehand and I was blown away. Suddenly that Sylar guy is hot. And Chekov and James T. Kirk. Suddenly I feel like a Star Trek fan. Suddenly I felt like watching reruns from the 1960s original Star Trek series but of course didn’t.

Star Trek is Ah-May-Zing. Period okay. I watched it twice at the cinema in 3 days okay. Apparently everyone agrees because it’s no 1 in US now?




He was alongside Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries II.

justmyluckalt4nv justmyluckposter

He was in Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan.


Smoking hot captain.

Live long and prosper.

p/s: Lack of sleep breeds aimless, random post full of enthusiastic nothings.


Summer Sabrina said...

DAILY OMGS - Some things are better left unsaid or simply should just stay in the head.

CAR - I can't wait for 'my' car!! Bukan how short...but how cute your car is. *winks*

STAR TREK - you make me wanna watch it!!!

The pictures - Yeah, he is hot. So, now i know your favorite "template"

p/s: "template" as in... bentuk wajah tertentu yg menarik minat kita... Mind my own crazy vocab. Hahaha.

Adil said...

hahaha... Jim Kirk and Edward Cullen. Yeah they come from the same kind of cookie cutter or what you call "template" =)

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