Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breathe, It’s the Weekends

Weekend Love

revved up for weekend






One more month to go before my feels-too-short-wish-it-could-go-on-longer internship at an international company. God, I really don’t feel up for studying another year. I really hope the year goes by warp speed.

The other day I bought an H&M top for RM 25. Sometimes you just gotta know where to find cheap for quality.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Me and my family went to eat at Nippon Tei, KLCC on Thursday night. My grandma was also there. We taught her to use chopsticks and she mastered it in 5 minutes. Way to go grandma, you ROCK! We talked and talked until we were the last ones out of the place. Is it me, or does KLCC need to lengthen their opening hours up to 10.30pm?

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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