Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First things first, updates on the house rat. It lives in our kitchen. It can’t get out, and it eats food waste. Last night, we set up a mouse trap; or rather rat-trap to kill it. Well guess what, it ate the bait and escaped.

We’re talking about the spring loaded bar mousetrap here. Go Google if you don’t know what it is. How strong is the rat if it can escape this type of trap? Mouse trap

Me and mom are anxious about our hamsters. We first thought the rat might wanna mate with our hamsters if he sees them but after googling “rat meets hamster”, we see that perhaps, the rats would eat hamsters, sushi style no less.

Frankly speaking, I’d rather see my hamsters giving birth to long tailed babies *cringe* than to see hamsters sushi style if you know what I mean.

hamster edited

What’s that Milo? No, I didn’t say anything about rats,

I said cats.…Actually, it was mats.

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