Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cute Laptop Bags, People

Hi, happy weekend peeps. First of all, please do add me on twitter because what better way to stalk me! I dunno, these days its pretty much easy to stalk on people with the internet and everything.

The other day I stalked on my company’s ex-managing director. Yeah. Because I got nothing better to do. So I typed in his name (SHH it’s a secret) and googled it and turns out he has a facebook account and I added him. Till this day, my request is still being ignored.

You know I feel that the air now is polluted that sometimes I get choked by imaginary very dirty air. What with the forest burning, AH1N1, the greenhouse effect, the car exhaust smoke, I mean are you kidding me? Who hasn’t gotten sick? Are you superman? Captain America? Mr Fantastic? Mrs Fantastic?? –_-!

I’ve been coughing for one week now and I swear everytime I sneak a little cough in the bookstore or at work, people just move an inch away from me; as if I don’t notice it. Oh I NOTICE. I don’t have Hinie people, get over it. That’s me and my friends’ nickname for the infamous flu virus ‘cos it sounds cuter that way. Put on your masks if you get paranoid like me. But do ignore the stares. They just haven’t realized that we live breathing in air with viruses!

I apologize for the long winded opening. Just wanted to update update update. So I’ve been scouring the internet for cute laptop bags (because in real-life they aren’t as colorful. But they do exist) and I came across sO many gorgeous ones that I have to share!

One of my first finds is by Gin & Jacqie called Candy Stripe Paul.


This bag is more like a laptop cover than a bag actually. If you need to put your laptop into a case before putting it in your bag, then this is the perfect one! They’ve got 3 colors, but this one is my favorite because the color reminds me of candy and all things fun. There’s 2 sizes which is the 15” (RM 49.90) and 13” (RM 42.00) inches for your different sized laptops. Don’t tell me they’re expensive because really, what’s not these days? Which one do you prize more—quality or price. I’d say it’s worth it. Wait till you see the prices of the other bags. Muahaha.

Another one is called Stylish Carrie and this one costs RM 229.00 and it is in fact, a real bag.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         What I like about this is that it has a big space for the laptop wires, plus stationeries, handphone, books and other junks we might wanna carry. I think we can even fit in a little teddy bear inside, you know, if that’s your cup of tea.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Look at how spacious this is!!


Another Stylish Carrie variation.

As if these bags aren’t gorgeous enough, I had to go and dig deeper into laptop bag heaven and I’m glad I did, because I found the beautiful collection of Charis Asher.

The Charis Asher collection looks very sturdy and elegant. I said ‘looks’ because I’ve never seen it in front of me, nor have I touch it. I’m really relying on my sight, reviews and gut instinct here.


Enigma series, RM 279 (Too gorgeous I wanna die!!)


Enigma series, RM 244


“The Fashionista” Spring Personality Series, RM 244

too gorgeous

Venetian, RM 314 (Another one to die for!!!)


Ochre, RM 279


Orange-be fun, RM 279 (Cry!!!)


Strawberry-be sweet, RM 244


Longan-be unique, RM 279

The collection knocked me off my feet. Seriously. I have an idea of which one I’m ganna get myself, but I’m not telling. Just wait and see!

I just wanna thank the kind, creative and CLEVER people out there who designed gorgeous laptop bags that makes up for the laptop heaviness and that I don’t have to lug around a big bad black nylon sack and really makes me look forward to get that laptop to replace my beloved big-screen desktop!!!!!!


Sabrina said...

Cantiklah designs from Gin & Jacqie Collection tu!!

But will have to wait for a new lappie first. =( Beg dah cantik, takkan nak letak lappie buruk plak.. huhu.

cres said...

So the first thing I'm gonna do is not saying "Babe, what have you been up to? How are you?" back in UTP, but "Ooooh which laptop bag did you get?"

Adil said...

Sabrina - even old laptops need a good home, so y not! ;)

cres - exactly, unless i actually blog abt it first. hehe. I need to write more.. omg. haha.

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