Monday, June 14, 2010

Universiti Teknologi Petronas in 100 Words

Serene. Green. Taman Maju. Bandar Seri Iskandar. Hot. Humid. Isolated. Competitive. DC++. TV series. Movies. Nasi Lemak kukus. Air cond. Pocket D. Dance Mat Competition. Ipoh.


Swimming pool. Tennis court. Morning swimming laps. Beach ball. Field. Lake. Fishes. Kayak. Basketball hoops. Sports carnival. Convofair. MAKK dinner. Midnight mamak. Birthdays. Midnight trips.


8 o’clock lectures. Academic buildings. Labs. Tutorials. 15 minute classes. 10 minute walk. Cool rainy days. Crazy dance mat competitions. UTP Open. UTP close. Dance classes. Camping classes.


Hot plate. Cooking instant food. Room makeovers.


Mahathir talks. Adjunct lectures. Late night movies. Late night chats. Shopping trips. Groceries shopping trips. Cannonball into the pool. Pool photo shoots. Pool scandals. Beach balls.

swimming pool

chancellor hall

Wearing sweater as if it’s winter. Relieved that we’re shielded from rain at academic building. Green green grass. Flora and fauna. Big lizard. Colorful birds. Owl.




Monthly mega shopping trips. Bicycle rides. Rollerblading at the park and falling down. Touching fish. Jogging in the evening. Outdoor carnivals. Jetski on the lake. Mini bike. Go-karts.


Late night laughs. Late night snacks. Mini makeovers and salons.

chancellor halllll


Exams crikey. Study week. Presentations. Professors and Associate Professors. Drowsy and hungry in class. Backbenchers gossip. Sleeping mates.



It’s been five years, guys. Forgive but don’t forget.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

enjoy it :)
because once you leave varsity life, you'll miss it terribly.

what you will probably miss the most is the late night chats :)

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