Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Healthy Skin


When I was 14, I wanted to be fairer so I bought the whole Neutrogena whitening line. Two weeks later, my skin broke out so bad that I stopped using the products all together. Of course it was too late and I didn’t have much sense about skin care back then. My favorite past time would have to be picking on acne nevermind how gross that sounds.

Fast forward nine years (How time flies. Sigh.), numerous dermatologist visits, some hundred pills, products, advices and heartbreaks later, my skin still isn’t something to be lauded for. For all it’s worth, I beat acne but the damage is done.

It’s true though. If only I could turn back time knowing the things that I know now. People write and say many things, but I believe the simpler, the better if we could just follow the advice religiously.

1. Drink plenty of water

let that sink in.

2. Avoid sun exposure

or wear sun block and avoid prancing under the sun at 12 in the afternoon.

3. Avoid chocolate, bananas, dry seeds

or anything that triggers your acne especially anything oily.

4. Avoid picking acne spots

or suffer the wrath of scars.

5. Avoid using greasy cream/oils/hair oil

which could block pores.

Of course, having a daily face regimen also helps. You know, those 1-2-3 cleanse-tone-moisturize thing. Choose suitable products for your face. How do you know? Try a product for two weeks, if it’s still killing your face by then, you can safely bet that it will continue doing that until you STOP.

OH. I also learned that if you plaster benzoyl peroxide aka OXY on favorite acne spots, they will disappear in days and won’t come out for a long time. I got this tip here. It worked for me so no harm in trying.

So you decided to try anything on here and it worked (or not) holla me. I’m out. Leaving you with my favorite song at the moment… if it’s not Taylor Swift. Pfft. Ok bye!


Zinedine Zaiddin said...

Good entry..baru ku tahu. How about getting enough rest..avoid being stress so much..ada menyumbang jugak ke untuk kulit kita?

Adil said...

=D Oh sure, sleeping enough and stress levels make a big difference. Time exam banyak jer bende tumbuh kat muka sebab stress. Sampai tak sanggup tengok cermin takut pecah.

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