Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank God It’s Friday

sighs yum

I don’t really care anymore whether it’s Friday or Monday. But somehow eating at TGI Friday’s every Friday sounds like a very compelling idea. Hmm. But honestly, TGI Friday is nothing on Chili’s or even Italiannies.

I gave TGIF so many chances to redeem itself but like that other shop, what’s it called……. Tony Romas, just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I ordered the wrong things. Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered that macaroni and cheese plus a whole chicken. That was a big mistake.

So let’s play this game. TGIF, Chili’s or Italiannies. Which one is your number one? I used to play this in the car with my friends. It drove them mad. Ice-cream, banana split or shake? McD or KFC? Swimming or boating?

Anywho. I wonder. Just for the sake of discussion. You know. Theoretically speaking. If you got married, would you mind having your wife earning more than you? In other words, she’s the BREADWINNER, the madam money of the house. Would that bother you guys? Girls do you mind being the breadwinner or should the husband be it. I wish I knew the rules to this kind of stuff.

The other day I was in the middle of some family forum about jobs and money. My dad was all “get a good job, stay on course and save the money!”

My eyes just about rolled into their sockets at the mention of that cliché. So I said, how bout making real money? Jumping into deals that sort of stuff. He replied, “Why? you can’t make more money than your husband. He’s going to be complacent and start golfing all day!”

I was all about to jump out of the seat in protest when my dad reminded me about the many real life examples of that happening. If my mom made millions, he wasn’t about to crack his head drilling oil holes at Kakemonoe in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Good point.

I feel a little bit off-balanced from this latest realization. Those people saying that it’s a bonus to look at things from two perspectives; they’re obviously wrong.


jnana said...

Yeah, when I think of it, TGIF is not a big deal. It's usually just fun going there because of the atmosphere and everything. THANKS for putting up that molten cake picture -_-

Adil said...

Yeah totally. Atmosphere-wise, TGIF is really the place to be. But food-wise, not the best. You're most welcome ;D

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