Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vanguard Up-rise Camera Bag

I wouldn’t call myself a photographer. Far from it. I take pictures for the sake of keeping them for memories. I’m a nostalgic person more than anything.

Funny enough, despite being a non-photographer, I find myself buying little photography “extras” like the Vanguard up-rise camera bag below.

vanguardAlso the camera remote control trigger and tripod. Not to mention I have two compact cameras—an Olympus & Casio. That doesn’t count the times when I change cameras twice in university because a) One camera became SO outdated. b) Another: somebody got excited and accidentally splashed sea water on my camera (a nikon coolpix is not cheap). Sometime in the future I want to have a collection of lenses.

Well, you get my point. I’m not a photographer but more like a memory keeper.

Now that I’ve written things down.. I now know where all that money went –_-

Somehow there’s always a way to justify the things that have been bought.

For SLR: It’s a future investment. I need crisp CLEAR pictures and not lame ones so that I wouldn’t regret in the future. Plus, everybody needs to get an SLR at some point in their lives. Why not now?

For tripod: What if there’s no one to take photos of me and the group? What if I need to take pictures at night?! If I need to take a night photo of KL?! You know, what if???!

For remote trigger: It would be so cool to stand in place when the photo is taken and I don’t have to run when using self-timer! So many pictures have been ruined! Oh and don’t have to take camwhorish pictures no longer! I can pretend that somebody’s taking the pictures for me!

For camera bag: The default bag is so flimsy, I’m sure it’s going to rip into half any time soon. Better get a good, tough bag.

For changing cameras after the sea splash: What, you want me to go through life without a camera? Are you crazy? What if the future me wants to look back at how disastrous my room was?

There you have it, I justified all my purchases. And they’re completely rational too. The “what-ifs” could certainly kill me.

At some point everybody does it. You’re going to buy something because it makes you feel good and powerful and like, THE-bomb. Maybe you don’t need it everyday, but you just have to have it! Or maybe that’s just me =P

PS: Better really start saving up for real. Hmm. Might have stepped into the realm of the quarter life crisis.
Update 18.7.2012: This turned out to be a GREAT investment. It keeps my camera safe from falls, hard knocks and rain. I brought the bag to New Zealand, China, and all over Malaysia. I love the fact that even though it is two years old, it looks like new!!! Very robust!! If you're like me, aka the clumsy photographer, this is bag will be your favorite!!! 


Geekazoid said...

its not the photo itself, its the memories that come with the photo thats important.


photo doesn't have to be CLEAR, as long as the memory stays sharp.

(finally i win this argument)

Adil said...

That's called artistic Mister! You can't do artistic with a crappy camera.

btw wers my photo?

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