Monday, October 25, 2010

Cracked the Nutshell

So you know that after 5 very long, but most wonderful years, I’ve finished my studies in UTP. I’m now working. Last week I had my convocation and have officially been granted BSc (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering.

I’m not finished. Early this year, me and a friend got talking about how we have to go somewhere together after graduation. We talked and talked and talked some more. I was afraid that with all the talking, nothing will happen.

BUT. I have nothing to fret about anymore because the return ticket has been paid, accomodation and transportation has been booked, travel plans has been finalized, the bosses and parents approve…

I’m backpacking to New Zealand in early November!

Milford Sound Hoping to get gorgeous shots of the mountainous areas.

In case you’ve forgotten, they filmed Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. Yup… the hobbits, the beautiful elves, the scary huge mountains, the grass fields!

Lonely Planet has also granted Milford Sound, New Zealand as no 1 must visit spot in the world in 2009.

New Zealand would be a great place to get away from it all. The sheep population outnumber humans by 10 times. Which I find really cute. I’m ganna make sure there’s lotsa sheep pictures or I’m ganna have to do something extreme like bungee jumping off a cliff there.

nzmore New Zealand pictures.


I swear if the sheeps run away from me, or god forbid, chases me, I’m ganna cry! My aunt told me that zorbing (the activity where you get into an airtight ball and they roll you down the hill and you tumble around like in a washing machine) was actually created and maintained by a Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh!

The Sky Tower in Auckland. Just in case you start thinking New Zealanders live in the mountains, wear loin cloths and speak like elves.


Auckland skyline. To answer the burning question: they have towers, buildings and you know, boats.

I’ll update more on this later. Till then, toodles~


Sabrina said...

so this is the "whats next"?? =D
bestnye! taking "sabbatical" leave from work eh? Baiknya bos!!

jnana said...

SubhanAllah, in the second picture you have there, the water is so clean it serves as a perfect mirror. How rare :(

Adil said...

Sab: "sabbatical" after 2 months of working. Can't beat that. Macam nk luruh jantung mintak cuti.. Tp my boss very sporting :)Dia siap ckp "is one week enough for you to travel around in NZ?" I didn't want to push it. Haha..

Adil said...

Jnana: Funny you should say that because in NZ there's a lake called mirror lake! =D

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