Monday, November 1, 2010

Nude Pump Shoes


I have about 8 shoes, tops. And 80% is black, 15% is white and 5% is the one ipanema flip flop that I have. So I’m not crazy about shoes, weirdly enough. I keep waiting for that inner buzz that tells me to go on a shoe-shopping spree but it never came.

I was browsing the internet a few months ago and came across the nude pump shoes above. I felt the familiar tingle saying that shoe is super gorgeous. Oh, I know the shoes are like, 4 inches tall and has tiny heels and will probably send me to bed rest the following day. Even so.. they are sleek and beautiful….

Right about then, I remember reading somewhere that “if you wanted to buy something, wait for 30 days, then ask yourself whether you still want it.”

You know where this is going. I pushed the thought of buying the pumps at the back of my head, forgot about it for a few months, then I conveniently stumbled across another nude pump shoe while browsing Zappos recently.

Guess what, I really really want the pump shoes. Like CRAZY WANT. I won’t hunt for it yet, though but maybe after the NZ trip. Calling the shopping squad!

Before I leave,


little fab girl on the sartorialist.

Peace out!

P/s: Packing underway. It's driving me mad. How do you pack for 10 days??

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