Monday, November 1, 2010

Pet Hate

Coming back from work, I almost ran into a guy who thinks that the road belongs to his goddamn ancestors. He also had the gall to not look right or left before crossing, while crossing and after crossing. I call him Mr Metal Bone. Oh wait. Make that Mr Metal Bonehead.

There are just some things that people do in public that makes you wanna curl in a corner and bite off all your fingernails. Like those people who walk and spit on the road. Or people walking on the road, scratching their bellies. Another one is people digging their nose while driving. I don’t blame my bro for pressing the horn at them.

Last week I read one resume asking for a job in the company I work for. Surprise surprise, a mechanical engineer—graduated 6 years ago.

“I looking for a job. I am a team player and a gook leader.”

Is it just me, or is there something amiss? Are you making a joke? I understand if your spoken English needs brushing up, or your essay for that matter. But sending in a resume with blatant spelling and grammar mistakes is just asking people to laugh at you.

No excuse mister. 6 years of work with that kind of spelling error? Wow, I’m shocked. Why didn’t he write in Bahasa then? You know what the best part is? When it came to rate his language fluency, he wrote 8 (On the scale of 1 to 10) for written and spoken English. He actually had the gall.

Of course, my boss pretended like he’s never received the resume.

I’m sorry for being brash, but sometimes please be considerate to others, try not to waste other people’s precious times by doing something so unthinkably loco and estupido (thanks Google translation).

With that, I end my ranting. Now back to Gossip Girls. Remember what I said, boys and girls.


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