Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Crying at Singing Stewardesses and More

I don’t know. What makes you cry? Is it the last Titanic scene where Jack dies? Is it when your cat dies? Do you cry at commercials?

Last week I found myself tearing up to a visit Malaysia commercial, which is weird, I know. There’s a monologue in my head: if I’m an old lady now, I would be so proud that Malaysia has come this far. Look at that, Malaysia looks so beautiful and welcoming. The people are all hot. The food is 5 star choice. What’s not to love in Malaysia? I think I was overwhelmed by this super patriotic feeling.

If Malaysia government wants everybody to be patriotic, they should start sending people to other countries on vacation. I would vote a hundred times for that clever government.

Anyway, this happened on the plane back from Beijing. Thank god nobody saw because that would be an embarrassment of the century. Crying at a Petronas ad, yes maybe, but crying at a tourism video?

Ok so last week I was all “where to find winter bootzz???” So I asked around and everyone pointed either to Aldo or Nine west and stores like that. But actually I was really looking for Ugg boots. You know, them comfy fur winter boots? Unfortunately, no one had any idea to find them. And I was stupid enough not to pick one up in New Zealand. (arghhhh!)

So, I went to China wearing tennis shoes. There, it was like heaven. There were not only Ugg boots, but all the boots that I posted and more! And cheap! Well, cheap-er.

I got these babies!

ugg box uggbooty

I got myself Bailey Button Uggs! WEEEEEEeeee victory dance!!!!

As for the question whether they’re real or not, no, I don’t think they are, because of the price. Real Bailey Buttons costs around RM 465 but this is half price. BUT. I know it’s real leather and real fleece inside and branded to look EXACTLY like Ugg boots. I’ve checked every inch. So who’s to say they’re not Uggs? Hm? Hm?

Next up: Beijing trip post! Starting to look like my life is one big vacation, even gotten not so nice remarks concerning my FB. But I’m telling you here: life is not a bed of roses for anybody. What they gain, they lose in other parts. Therefore, don’t judge before you ask! Asking is fine, asking is goooood.

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