Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where To Find Winter Boots?

One fact that I’d just like to share: Playing video games makes you irritable and anti-social. At least for me, because I get that irritated feeling whenever someone calls my name to “help out” or do something.

I don’t always discuss work stuff but yesterday was weird. My work lets me meet a lot of different people. Some hot some not so much. So yesterday after an appointment, my colleague Steve and I stopped by a company’s office and asked if we can talk to the manager.

The lady sitting down by the reception looks 38-ish, with a dazed expression on her face. She said no. Steve continued, anybody else in this office besides you? While pointing into the office and making gestures for emphasis. With so much of a hint of life in her, she shakes her head. So Steve said, can you give me the contact number of the person in charge? She said no. Dazed. Looks down at paper on her table.

Steve tried again, saying, so maybe you can give us some promotional brochures or anything that we can take back? She gave a small nod, woke up and went to the back. Veery slowly. Steve looked at me and was like, “wtf?”

I looked away and pretended to look at the models, all the while laughing my head off inside. My soft toys looked more alive than her! And also a drugged person was 5 times more responsive. Two words, aunty on crack –_-

By the way the main reason I’m writing is because I just realized that its HARD to find winter boots in KL! I’m talking about the 2 inch thick, made for snow ones. I’ve been looking for them everywhere! Where are they?

gabriella rochas


type z


la canadienne




ugg light


ugg briton


On Monday night I will be going to


Long story short, the original plan to Mecca is being cancelled (Saudi’s fault) and we’re replacing it with this. (Can’t really call it replacing because the purpose of going to each is totally different but yeah).

But if any of you are looking for winter boots, you might as well just buy them at wherever you’re going or order online. But that would cost a bomb. So which one? I’m going to say it depends on you really. I’m choosing the latter.

zai jian


Balqis Azhar said...

here and view your blog .
follow your blog okay .

Adil said...

You're most welcome to! Hehe

Nadhiatul Adhamiah Mohd said...

So where did you manage to get these boots? I'm looking for one also.

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