Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Prep: Flower Bouquet

For clothes & accessories, go here.

Please take note that these wedding preparations posts are merely to share what I did for my wedding, not guides because frankly speaking, I’ve missed my boat on that one.

Honestly I never thought that I’d enjoy the whole process. But I did, and mostly thanks to my mom who kept the enthusiasm level high. That two stacks of wedding magazine at home? My mom.

There used to be days when we had a week full of appointments and shopping trips. It helps that we both were on holiday for two months at the time. *Good times*

Anyways, my idea of the perfect bouquet.

Ok, first of all—whoever thought of getting inspiration from  a four season country is delusional. Like me. Because, two weeks before the wedding, I found out that those flowers became literally not available to
purchase anywhere.

My bridal lady told me that we’re ganna have to import the flowers. I actually agreed to that. And found out again, that she can’t get those flowers because of christmas, winter etc and even so, the price will be super expensive.

Note: Getting imported flowers in December is extremely hard.

In the end I ended up with roses. But they were bunched up nice and smelled heavenly so it turned out


For my reception, after back to back discussions, we decided to go for artificial flowers!
I know what you’re thinking but today’s artificial flowers look surprisingly like the real thing. I love them because

a) Doesn’t wilt in our hot weather b) Looks life-like c) Can smell perfume-nice d) May get any type of flower unavailable in the country

Tadaa! End result.


A picture with my mama:


Till next time, xoxo.


jnana said...

Looks real!

Adil said...

I know, right?? I was surprised the first time the florist showed it to me. They make it look real these days..

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