Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Retrospect

Everything, if ever, anything could only happen if God wills it to happen. Sometimes, you actually do feel a force bigger than you pushing you forward. If He created the cosmos, the stars, the universe, and one special planet, the earth for us; you can bet He can make anything possible. Sometimes you feel lost and that’s when you start seeing the truth—about life, dreams and consequences. Sometimes people’s prayers for you is stronger than your own prayers and that may be the reason why you are where you are.

Success is really a combination of many things and is never your own. Failure however is your own fault and nobody else’s. Realizing the reality makes things easier… all you have to do is work hard and be humble. Share the fruits of your success. Who could hate somebody who’s given them so much without asking anything in return? They would only pray for your further success in life.

My parents flew off to Makkah 5 days ago. It will be their second Hajj. In the car I kept asking myself, could I do my first haji before 30? My parents left me & brother aged 5 and 2 behind during their first Hajj… could I do that with my future children? Could I leave my children and businesses and belongings to God’s mercy while I travel to do Hajj with my husband? Could I give precedence to Hajj over buying a 4-wheel-drive of my dreams? Questions questions. I suppose that once you learn the real truth that you start asking yourself hard hitting questions that before you felt ‘too trivial’.

Truth is, ever was, is that life on planet earth is like dust off your shoes. Just a passing phase in your eternal lifetime. Truth is, we will be given an eternity to be picking apples. Another eternity to sleep. Another eternity to have scandalous rendezvous’ with fairies. Sounds out of the world, because it is. The sooner we realize what’s the point of being alive, the sooner we get our lives back on track.

Ask the right questions, get the right answers. Search for conviction, you’ll find conviction.  


Have a blessed Eid-ul-adha everyone!

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