Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do For A Living

If you see birds chirping and post is not updated means that I’ve gotten quite occupied with work. I’d like to share lots of things but just don’t have the time or rather the ‘reflective-sit quietly by the window-blog for hours’ mood. Plus my laptop is really getting on my nerves, shutting down at random times what not. It’s almost 4 years old and begging to be put out of misery.

Ever since I got out of uni, I never spoke of ‘work’ on the blog and I don’t discuss it much. Simply because it’s quite complicated and I’ve always thought of myself as not working, yet, but rather still looking for the right direction. But of course, I was employed and was really good at it if I may say so myself. Most people have a vague idea of what I do. Some think I sell houses, some think I travel lots for work, some think I run a restaurant.

Suffice to say that I now work from home. Kinda.

And since my husband will be away for 2 months (sobs!), it’s time to get the apartment sorted out.

Can you just look at some of these home offices? Drool.

 so cute office

Love the monthly wall calendar and notice boards. And the color!


Pure minimalism.

Love the concept, but must tone down the flowers or the husband will get panicky and scared.


I’ve got tons of stuff. More like the last picture above. So realistically speaking, I’m trying to get things as organized as it can be without actually scrimping on style.

I’ll be working on the apartment until end of December, so hopefully it looks more like a home by then, rather than a nest or a play jungle for Chanel.


On an end note, these DIY stationery holders are so cute. I’m ganna do this for mine, and the makeup brushes!

Till next time.

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