Friday, March 15, 2013

Brain Drain Rant

I don’t know what is it with me lately, everything seems to be off. I’ve lost my motivation to work, food just doesn’t excite me, can’t sleep well and I hate the tv. Even the internet is a turn off.

I feel like going bungee jumping of a cliff or travel backpacker style somewhere.

Sometimes I feel like finding a job because trying to grow a business is so hard. I feel like I wanna be a makeup artist but thinking I’d lose interest after a few months.

It’s just that hard time again where nothing seems to be right. I seriously feel like doing nothing except to travel, walk walk walk and keep on walking until my shoes gets so eaten up.

I just wanna see what other people do, you know, people watching my day away. See the hustle and bustle of a city, preferably in moderate temperatures so I don’t have to sweat. Or maybe sit in front of the Kaabah and pray all day long.

I just received a disappointing news, a set back if you will. This thing has been dragged on for so long, I think I’ve wasted a few months on it. Not that isn’t going to happen but a delayed project can just be as disappointing. Being left hanging is the worst feeling in the world.

Also when is this election happening? I’m getting more and more resentful of the government because their decisions are directly affecting me. Who are they kidding? They think the people are playthings? Easily swayed by blatant money giving? Oh btw, my husband gave our RM500 BRIM away to people who needs it. Oh and btw what research were they doing when they concluded that RM500 is able to feed a household for a year? Were they researching a household of mice?

Seriously dude –_-

I could go on and on about the government that’s really getting on my nerves, but I’ve got other things to think about!

I’m trying to keep my head in the clouds and not back down, like how Alicia Keys cleverly suggests but but but can’t help feeling like a lost puppy! At least lost puppies are cute, but are lost humans? Har har.

Well at least there’s a magnum ice cream in the fridge. Hey gotta start somewhere..

1 comment:

Ghadeer said...

I know what you mean...
Sometimes we just want to sit back and stop "doing all the things we're expected to do"

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