Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Amazing Life Race

The Amazing Race has always been hubby’s favorite tv shows but never mine. Even though I love traveling, and I watched the show a couple of times in the past, it just never stuck. I’d occasionally watch the show when hubs has it on, and like, there’s nothing better to do.

Last night though, we sat through a marathon of 4 episodes; cheering and laughing with the contestants. Without realizing it, I just started going, “if it was us this, if it was us that..”. I don’t know what it was, it could’ve been the stress of the week or whatever; but both of us love a bit of escapism. 2 days weekend trip anyone?

Anyway, one thing I realize from the amazing race is that the best teams are always a team of opposites. They compensate each other and never allow their differences to be in the way of making good judgments. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a father-son or husband-wife team.

There was this team that consists of two TWIN doctors, fancy right? But both of them hate water, which is too bad because if one of them could compensate for the other twin, they’d be okay.

If I was in the show, I’d do okay unless it’s something to do with cockroaches.

Then we’d both be out of the race because hubs hates cockroaches as well! We’d usually throw Chanel to the cockroach and she’d kill like a sadistic killer, playing, biting and finally letting the cockroach die a slow painful death.

I can’t kill it because I hate the sound of squishing a bug. Thank god for that cat. She’s a living pest control. Quite an expensive one too, but she also doubles as a cuddle bunny so she’s worth it!

I think okay la I should really appreciate the differences between me and hubs.

He likes steak, I like noodle soups. He likes chicken, beef, lamb, I like seafood. His dream is to travel covering east, mines west. He loves herb plants, I love flowers. I love planning, he’s more spontaneous.

I wish we could change one thing though.

Our mutual love of spending.

As the late Steve Irwin would say, “crikey!”

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