Monday, May 13, 2013

The Waiting Game


Hi all!

You know how, after graduation from uni, relatives will start coming to you asking when you’re getting married?

Or how after you’re married, they’ll wonder when you’ll have children?

Wellllll…….. after pulling so much hair in the past stressing over things people say, I just simply decided that I couldn’t care less.

We have our reasons and you wouldn’t understand even if we explain it to you.

Do you remember finishing high school and having palpitations over the exam scores? And gee will I get that uni/scholarship I applied for? Stress no 1.

Once you go into uni, you often ask yourself, what if I fail? Stress no 2.

After graduating, you palpitate over job interviews and start listening to other friends having clinched a super job in a multinational company. What of me? Why am I so unworthy to get a good job? Ring a bell? Stress no 3.

Everyone’s getting married. Stress no 4.

Everyone’s having a baby. Stress no 5.

Their baby is standing up, mines not yet. Stress 6, 7 8 infinity.

For me personally, I drew the line in college when I knew that I couldn’t win against expectations. And so I stopped comparing, and started strategizing. It’s not an accident that I never applied for a single engineering job anyways. I just made up my mind in the second year of uni, while all the time trying to keep my head above water in exams and can’t wait to finish the degree.

I just think that once you learn to listen to the beat of your own drum, that’s when the magic happens.

Do I get green with envy when someone travels around the globe and having worked in a multinational company? Yeap.

Do I get green with envy at wives who could cook effortlessly for their husbands and family? Yeap.

Do I feel pressured when asked certain questions, which some are downright inappropriate? You betcha.

But then again, my life is pretty swell. At the end of the day, I’ve got my loving family, my chanel, my little bun, my little apartment, my fishes and plants. That’s not to mean that I won’t get my dreams in the future. I mean who knows right?

You just have to learn to desensitize yourself from people’s opinions and expectations. Sometimes it’s your own expectations as well.

Just an advice, when you find yourself stressing over something you don’t have control over, well—just stop. Because as muslims we’re taught to work hard, then leave the rest to God.

So when you’ve worked hard, and nothing happens, that’s usually God’s sign of saying to you ‘it’s not the right time yet’.

So stop stressing, comparing or envying!

I’m ganna leave you with a quranic phrase that has kept me going all this while:-

"There is no creature on Earth except that its sustenance is upon Allah. He knows its habitation and its repository. All is in a clear Record." [Sûrah Hûd: 6]

Peace and Salam!

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