Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9th Month Drama Rama

Hi, I’m 38 weeks pregnant and counting. I’m not laboring yet. If you’re carrying a 2-3kg rice sack everywhere you go, plus another 10kg of weights you’ll know what it means to wait for labor. It’s like waiting to discharge the rice sack. Or something like that. Tomorrow I have a meeting at 10AM at a construction site. Next week on Monday I have another scheduled meeting. Yup, still working. Still driving.

Thing is, people always remind me to listen to my body in this last few months. I do, trust me. Week 36 was HARD. I felt hungry and fatigued all day long. I thought for sure that I was going into labor soon. Nope wrong.

Week 37 went to emergency because I had food poisoning and fever. The fever went down in 12 hours. All I did was to drink lots. The doctor told me that I could actually take a panadol or two which I didn’t the night before because let’s face it, you wouldn’t risk any drugs when you’re pregnant and THIS close to laboring. Also I didn’t feel baby move as much, so that’s the real reason why I submitted myself to emergency wing. Turns out baby was just chillin’. Mommy was tired so baby was tired and decided to sleep longer or something.

Doctor wanted to admit me but I politely turned her down. Yeah admit me, then what? Forced birth with drugs? No way hosay. I want baby out but NATURALLY is the keyword. Plus hospitals creep me out. Next time I’m joining the home birth movement with hypno and water birth. Oh hubs please let me.

As week 38 loomed, I thought if I moped around, I’ll NEVER get labor started. So I made it a point to walk walk walk walk. So now instead of feeling like going into labor, I feel energized. Able to take on the world. I even sleep good. Less tossing and turning. More sno-ring. I’m like, WHAT? Why you so strong again body?? I thought the food poisoning got you good. I thought you, body, will be pressured into contractions. Ummmm let’s see. No. No false contractions, nothing. Nada. 

Le sigh.

Ya Allah, whatever plans you have for me, I know in my heart that it’s the best. Husband is going away soon and if he can’t make it to his first child’s birth I’m ganna try to make peace with that. If husband is going to miss the first month of his child’s life also I’m ganna have to make peace with that also.

Oh yeah. So today I’m on house arrest imposed by my mom. Because she saw my uber elephant feet. Or balloon feet. Water retention fat feet. Whatever you call it. Fine. Can’t wear my sandals no longer anyway. Where are those cartoonish crocs when you need ‘em.

My toenails are getting longer and I can’t reach!! Where’s hubs when you really need him!?

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