Monday, April 28, 2014

April Recap In Pictures



Life is crazy. My hands are full juggling everything. I think I grew another hand just to accommodate! Alhamdulillah my life is full, blessed. Sometimes I fear I let everything slip by. One month is seriously so so short.

But.. we managed to sneak in a short weekend getaway to Cameron Highlands! We’ve been here three times in two years so that’s saying something. When we arrived it was cool and raining. Major love. It’s our first getaway as a family and Naila was sooo easy to travel with.




Also, we finally got help! Bhea is a LIFESAVER. I was getting really overwhelmed with my work, Naila, housework; and so started advertising for an extra pair of hands literally. She’s Naila’s new weekday nanny and my part-time housekeeper!


Yeap we love her!


Mom said Naila has too little toys so I went and get her Joey the jiggling elephant!! And I got her a bumbo seat with tray just in time to start EATING.


Favorite thing to do in April. She started blowing bubbles in March and never stopped since!

kitchen area

We have been working on our apartment since December, and finally we put it up for short rental this month!!


That’s it for now folks! I’ll check in soon. Definitely in May.

Take care xoxo.

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