Friday, October 23, 2015

Packing For The Beach

We’re taking a weekend trip to Port Dickson! So excited! The last time we were at the beach was in Pulau Perhentian last February. Feels like a loooong time ago. I miss the beach!

I’m more excited this time because we’re going with friends. Naila will have a playmate thank goodness.

Staying at home is getting really claustrophobic with the haze and everything. Thankfully nobody got sick, yet. We won’t escape the haze by going to PD.. but it’s just nice to be out and about… at the beach!

On to packing!! Packing is boring really, except for the beach bag!

I’m taking:-

1. A mat: standard jute mat we’ve had for decades

2. Sand play toys: mix of Ikea toys and sand toys

3. Goggles: we got a Speedo toddler goggles for Naila, and same for me & hubs

4. A beach ball: might wanna toss the ball around

5. A float: We’re using Ogival baby float. I bought arm floats for Naila but it’s too big for her.

6. Waterproof camera case: trusty DiCaPac

7. Wet bag: Arena brand, gift from MIL

8. Ikea bag: to dump everything in. The offical beach bag

to the beach

Did I forget anything? I hope not!

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