Sunday, April 10, 2016

Searching for the Best Playschool in Malaysia

So the title exaggerates a bit... it's just the best playschool in Cheras actually! 

The playschool in my list includes:- 

1. Brainy Bunch
2. Genius Aulad
3. KinderKaizen
4. Alimkids
5. Smart Reader

I was actually looking for a school with a play yard. Kids need to play outside alot. Naila's only 2 and half, so in my ideal world, she should be outside about 2 hours a day. 

But I think it's a trend now to have child centres in the shoplots. Only really old, established centres have play yards. Must be something to do with licenses and stuff. 

I visited all of them, except KinderKaizen. My conclusion is, Smart Reader and Genius Aulad are catered for older kids. Leaning most towards Brainy Bunch and Alimkids. Out of the two, Brainy Bunch brands itself as Islamic Montessori and AlimKids is Islamic play-based learning. 

The only reason why KinderKaizen is out of the picture is because it's too far! Otherwise, it would've won hands down. 

Let me back up for a second. Why send her to school in the first place? First, I think she's ready to go to school and play! She's bored at home and I can't entertain her enough anymore! Second, I admit that I've been slacking in terms of spending more time with her. Used to do activities everyday, but now I'm focusing more on De' Bams & feeling physically tired because of being preggers. So I left Naila with my helper! 

Obviously at this point I don't expect Naila to be in an academic environment. Again, she's only two. I'd pay just to have her interact with friends, learning coordination skills, social skills and pick up language lingo; just things I can't provide at home. Bonus if she learns her alphabets and du'a, stuff like that. 

She can learn her solat, du'as, simple abcs at home, insyaallah. 

Looking to enroll her in May... decisions, decisions.

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