Friday, April 22, 2016

Bump Update 29 Weeks

For want of a better word, bump update sounds better than pregnancy update. I suppose somewhere in the busy, toddler filled, whirlwind working mommy life, I don't wanna forget the fact that I'm actually also, irrevocably pregnant.

There's already tell tale signs of this one being almost forgotten if there wasn't so much reminders of how to take care of yourselfs out there. For the sake of comparison, the first time around I never missed a vitamin pill, even adding MORE. This time around, eating a vitamin is like a passing thought. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

But, to be fair, I did buy a pregnant lady-specific powder milk, just to compensate my cavalier attitude towards this pregnancy. I take milk--- fairly enough. So yay!

It's true what they say about a second pregnancy. They're almost always true, those stories. My pre-formed thoughts about raising the second one is also pointing towards fulfilling 'those stories'. You know, the one where the first one can't even go anywhere without me trailing, even almost growing eyeballs at the back of my head. And where the second one gets to pick up food from the carpet without me even batting an eyelash.

Oh no. I really really hope not.

That's why I'm doing this. To commemorate, to celebrate this pregnancy. Because somehow my body and the baby deserves it.

On to the Journal updates.


I just checked the pregnancy calendar and will you look at that.. I'm in my 3rd trimester. This pregnancy is going by too fast. I remember buying that kit yesterday and looking at daddy's annoyed face when I didn't tell him I was doing a test. Same as during Naila's turn. Yeah so I'm a bit impatient.

The same as the first pregnancy, I'm starting to feel the panic. I know I'm a bit weird... Everyone else is just excited at having a new baby. I panic. It's the feeling you get knowing final exams is tomorrow. Thinking about the long sleepless nights, the bfs. Okay relax. Another 3 months to go. I got this.

We just found out you're a boy 2 days ago and that's got me a little excited. A little boy! No wonder I had back pains. It's what people say. Back pain, boy. Hubs was like, good job baby, we've got a heir. Lol.

Baby is almost 1kg. Doctor Norshida told me to continue whatever I'm doing. I only gained 0.5kg since last month. So I'm about 57kg now. Looking at history, my babies are bound to be overdue so we don't want him to be too big. Because of the whole > baby = > pushing.

My emotions are somewhat haywire. They swing like a pendulum. One minute I feel super happy, one minute I feel depressed. We're moving soon, so that makes me really depressed.

I don't have any cravings. During my first pregnancy, I woke up a few nights thinking about cookies & cream ice-cream. Nothing like that this time around. The baby isn't angry when it's hungry, not like Naila. When I say angry, I mean kicking up a storm in the uterus.

Energy wise I'm relatively fine. I swim every week, doing a few laps. Although I did get breathless the last time so I had to stop after 2 laps. I walk alot at the park, at the mall. I was more tired in my first trimester comparatively but we'll see how it goes as we progress into the final 3-4 months.

Same as 1st pregnancy, I hate pregnancy pillows or any pillows at all. I gave away my pregnancy pillow because I never use them. Hubs really took a jab at me when I bought a RM200 huge*** pillow last time but never using it. Well how am I suppose to know that I won't like em? Everyone else swears by their pillows to get through the night! Seriously -_-

Okay till next week!

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