Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wonder in These Years


We’re starting to settle into a normal routine. We get up around 6.30-7am. Everybody has breakfast, shower. Hubs leave around 7.30 – 8am. I send Naila to school around 8.30am. I started taking Ibrahim with me lately so after sending Naila, we sometimes walk downstairs at the playground area.

Then I ask my maid, Dewi to play downstairs with Ibrahim. I put baby to sleep. I’m starting to exercise a bit but I don’t have a fixed routine yet. I start doing work on the laptop. Follow ups, putting up ads, attending to enquiries. On days that I have to go out, I’ll maneuver around that timing.

Sometimes I leave Naila in school. I try not to leave all 3 kids with my maid for more than 2 hours. Sometimes I’ll take one of the babies with me for viewings or meetings or inspections. If I plan to leave the baby at home, I’ll pump milk in the morning. I don’t collect frozen expressed milk, only a few bags in the freezer for emergency too long outings. So far I haven’t used them for baby.

I usually pick up Naila at 12pm. The kids nap in the afternoon except for Naila who usually does her colouring/play doll house/lego/sticker book or ipad time. Afternoons are usually varied depends on whether I leave house or not that day.

By 4pm I usually wrap up my laptop time though I still answer calls or messages. I take them down to the playground while my maid cooks. 6-6.30pm we have dinner. Bath time. Story time. Mengamuk time. If I’m not too tired we do our sleeping time routine.. play shadows, read books or telling stories with a flashlight in the dark. Actually this is only possible if the baby is asleep or he’s surprisingly quiet. By 8.30pm, lights off.

The kids will usually be asleep by 9pm. If I don’t accidently fall asleep as well, I’ll wake up to update my listings, make a to do list for tomorrow. Then if it’s still early, I watch a movie or tv series. I gotta be honest. I love my nights. I wouldn’t be able to survive without my nights!

The days are long, but the years are short.

I still remember the days with Naila alone, and thinking “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done”. Obviously I haven’t met Ibrahim and Hassan yet at that point! Honestly if I see other moms out there, I’ll be like “how the heck does she manage?” I sometimes ask myself the same question but the answer is that.. you just do.

It’s one day at a time.. Suddenly everybody is grown up. Naila is turning 4. Ibrahim has started walking. Hassan has started smiling. 2 months ago Hassan was still a bun in the oven!

I will never forget these wonderful years. Tiring, but wonderful.

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