Friday, July 4, 2008

Can't help but to Trash Talk

I've had it with people who brags. Especially on their bags. And in BOLD. As if the world is interested to know.

Can you imagine how annoying is Albert Einstein if he keeps stressing the pure genius he is? Plus his electrifying white hair, could've easily became the reigning His Annoyingness. (sorry Albie, :P) Thank god he wasn't and went on becoming the reigning king of Nobel prizes.

Hey, it's a free country, but that isn't a free bag, so please go with less braggy type.

p/s: Bragging things are also a fashion crime, and frankly saying, cheap.


Abdullah said...

OMG! I have like the cutest bag in the world!~ My bag is the the best of all bags in the world, and that makes other ppl inferior to me.. muahahaha.

pls dun kill me.


Adil said...

the first two lines are so gay. lols. but yea, how can ppl be like that.. goes on to prove that humans are just 'humans'.

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