Tuesday, July 8, 2008

why I hate my college.

I don't actually hate it, more like I dread it. And I'm not ready to be pushed to the edge of sanity just yet! I know, I know, the holiday is slowly coming to an end and I'm starting to have panic attacks and countless nightmares. I'm not kidding, really.. One dream was so vivid, it took about 15 minutes to snap out of it.

Though I wish I had the liberty to call out names, I better not, in case a lawsuit comes creeping at my doorstep. Sheesh I don't know what are the rules, it's just better to play it safe, until I become more familiar with them.

Anyway, I'm trying to cram every last bit of awesomeness into this last 2 weeks and how do I wish I could turn back time. How don't we all wish that.. With that being said, I don't wish my holiday to be any different because I've accomplished almost everything I've set out to do during the holidays.

Sighs. I don't hate my college. It's just that my college hates me..

Boo hoo.

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