Friday, January 27, 2012


I don’t really know what happened the past 6 months. It’s so crazy hectic puking mad and I don’t know what was happening and suddenly I end up married, and living with a guy in our own apartment.

Wait that’s not all.

I changed my job, and I set up a freaking shop.

Have I mentioned the word Crazy?

I was talking about quitting my job last year in June, and from there everything went spiraling like an aqua zorb ball down the hill (google pls, awesome ride). Except that my ride wasn’t exactly downhill, it was more about going up and sideways.

And after so many sleepless nights, early mornings, nightmares of empty houses, spreadsheets, some trips to Jakarta, some soul searching, thousands of surveys, a broken water pipe, bills, an accident, soliciting info on halls, thousands of ringgit, amendments, queues, Bali and dealing with suppliers from hell 7 days a week, we finally arrive here in this moment.

The moment I thought would never come.

And I feel very blessed. So so so blessed. And I can’t wait to start reading and writing again. From now on, I’m ganna stick to simple wishes.

Who knows what’s coming in 2012. Hope for the best!

And hope everyone’s well! xoxo

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