Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Same Time, Last Year

Reflecting back to one year ago, July was a flurry of things. I was about to start working in real estate, I was about to get married. Sometimes we don’t really know where we’re heading. We can only plan, but we never expect the twists and turns that life dumps on you.

I never expected to be married at 24, I just thought it was more wishful thinking than reality. I guess I’ve got both sets of parents to be thankful for because they were so supportive even though husband barely graduated at the time.

We discussed about where we were going to stay. That was our longest and most serious discussion. Both of our parents just can’t wait to kick us out of the house. Of course, lovingly. Honestly I wanted to stay with our parents for at least 6 months after getting married but my parents kept pushing us to stand on our own feet.

So we started living together by ourselves exactly the same night that we got married. And it was weird at first. I mean, first we weren’t allowed to even be seen together, suddenly mom & dad were waving to us goodbye as we drove at 12 am together in public! It was exciting but I kept looking over my shoulder for Jais to stop us especially when we checked into the hotel that night.

Just after the wedding I asked mom how she felt about the whole thing. She said, well, that was fast. We went from choosing fabrics to countless boutiques, to vendors to photographers. Honestly at the rate that we were going, we could be professional wedding planners. But we had a blast!

Maybe it’s just me, but all the good things seem to happen during Ramadan. Same case for the year before. People call it the month of blessings, and so many people get to witness this. I’m just glad that I’m one of them.

I’m ending the post with a photo of me and hubs during iftar last weekend.

Ramadan kareem everyone =)

Friday, July 27, 2012

An Afternoon With The Cat


First off, yes, I fooled around with the banner again and this time I hope to keep it for at least till the end of the year.

So when we finally break it to our families that we got ourselves a cat, most reacted with a ‘why suddenly a cat’? When actually, what they were saying is, “a baby should come first, not a cat!”.

Instead of giving the long winded explanation, we have an easy answer to that: we’re family planning for fun and success.


After a few days of getting the double tier cage, I decided to revamp the drab-looking cage. And because we leave her outside on the balcony at night, we originally used a drab-looking plastic sheet to cover the cage.

I was in Tesco when the idea struck. I bought some corrugated plastic board, not even knowing whether it would fit the cage. I was going for the polished Ikea look.

I got back home, punctured holes into the boards and joined it to form a sleek cover. And they fit like a glove!

cage cover

cute cat

The cat obviously loves it and tried to tear the whole thing apart.

cat cage 3 tiers

We also did some interior designing in the cage. We went especially to Ace Hardware to get those rubber mats. Made in Germany, no joke. 2 weeks after rigorous usage (scratching, pee, poo, clawing), I’m happy to confirm that they are still looking good. Well done Germany!

cat cage mat

cat cage

She loves it…

climbing cat

..too much.

cat on cage

cat too cute

too cute cat

She has tried this a thousand times.

cat bite string

On the other side as well.


I’m ending this post with a crazy-eyed Chanel seconds before she makes an epic jump on the sliding door and coming down with awful screeching noises.

Till then!

p/s: I can no longer take the brand Chanel seriously anymore because it has my cat’s name.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadan Is Here

ramadan mubarak
"Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain taqwaa." [2:183]

Here we are again, no words to describe how I feel about this special month.

I looOOoove Ramadan. No, I’m not talking about food. On the contrary.

Take advantage of this month. Let’s solat, fast, read a lot of Quran and do charity as much as we can.

Will we be the ones who jump at the biggest opportunity for afterlife or will we be pre-occupied with our present life that we forget about our next?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Braces Aftercare

Please wear your retainers!

Nuff said =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cats & Babies


So last week, my roommate of 4 years, tennis double partner, shop till u drop partner gave birth to a baby boy! I didn’t go visit until it was the 5th day and it looked like she’s been doing it forever. So pro. I didn’t cradle the baby because he was so tiny and fragile. Someday I will, when he gets a little bit older.

I still can’t believe she’s a mother now. Seems like yesterday that we were running to the laundry shop with basketful of clothes together. Or buying bikes in Ipoh together. Or psyched over a tennis match together.

Thankfully we made it to Cameron Highlands together with the husbands.


Welcome to the world baby Aamir. Ala ala Aamir Khan.

On a completely unrelated news, me and hubs got a baby kitten!


We’ve always been cat people, and it’s just the right time. We call her Chanel which is a funny story. Me and hubs were joking about the ultimate mengadaness, having a fluffy cat named Chanel and a Hermes handbag. When we finally got her, we had no idea what to call her.

My husband looked at me and had a funny expression. Chanel? So I called her Chanel and all of a sudden the kitten responded with a meow and wagged its tail. Ok just kidding. She totally ignored us. But the name stuck.

Chanel is quite a handful. What more babies >.<

Until next time, Ciao!
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