Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Top Ten IG Shops for Mommies!


When I discovered the magical world of instashops, I was hooked. Not only are they selling cheaper than normal retail shops, they are also selling things you simply can’t find anywhere else in Malaysia! Most of them also deliver to your front step, making it super convenient. Of course since I’m a mom, most of my favorite shops are mom-centric.

My criteria for this list are 3 things--updated almost daily, very niche items, and having good feedback.

Let’s begin!

1. RTW Store


My favorite among favorites! Cheaper than retail strollers and travel systems, with a variety of brands to choose from. No wonder they have almost close to 30,000 followers!

Sells: Cosatto, Babyjogger, bugaboo, babyzen yoyo, maxi cosi, nuna etc. There’s too many to name! Just give them a visit and you’ll see!

2. The Posh Poufs


My favorite among all headband makers. Gorgeous, carefully made headbands for your little princesses. Custom made and ready made alike.

3. Bebe Bundo


They recently launched their webstore. The premier baby and kids moccasin shoe makers in Malaysia! A batch of new collections just came out and I wanna cry at their fabulousness.

4. LilMunchkin Store


Look out for USA baby brands like Carter’s, Old Navy, Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren and Timberland. You buy on pre-order basis, but the cheaper price justifies waiting.

5. Charms & Beads


First of the non-mommy variety! I know Pandora is already in Malaysia but have you seen the prices? One word—cut throat! This instashop solves your woes .. get a bracelet or charm at a fraction of the price in Malaysia! Yes, it’s pre-order basis.

6. Sweettoothville


I was getting bored of the usual cakes when I stumbled upon this inspiring instashop! The cakes are made to order and they can sculpt almost anything. They’ve made custom cakes for Nora Danish, and the king!

7. SJ World of Babycakes


Who doesn’t love macarons? and homemade? Enough said.

8. EZ Diet


Healthy 7 day meals sent to your doorstep. Endorsed by Sazzy Falak, the fitness enthusiast.

9. Kufi On Kanvas


Gorgeous gorgeous Islamic artwork from very talented people. Price ranges from RM 200 and above.

10. Lisda Home Spa


This last one is so awesome because let’s face it, after a massage session, you really just wanna sleep. You can, because they’ll come over to your house for the massage.

Hope the list was useful to you. Give them a try and let’s support small businesses.


Ida said...

Pandora mmg mahal tapi suamiku dah terpengaruh.. isterinya masih lg level berkira-kira tahap jingga. samakah kualiti pandora dgn brand lain2? masih jinak2 merpati dengan brancelet silver ni.

Adil said...

Pandora ni takde resell value. Harganya terletak pada brand & design.

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