Sunday, October 19, 2014

Where to Rent Baby’s Gadgets In Malaysia


Since Naila’s first month until now, there’s one website that I go to when looking for baby gadgets TO RENT. It’s


We rented the Fisher Price Open Top, battery operated swing when she was a month old.


Then rented the Bumbo seat plus tray when she was 5 months old…

naila truck

…Little Tikes Toy truck/excavator when she was 9 months old…

naila walker

VTech walker when she was 10 months old.

The renting process is pretty simple and can be found on their website. The rental is very cheap, compared to other rental websites. For example, the VTech walker is RM29 per month.

Mothers know that a baby outgrow their toys or equipment as fast as they change diapers. These toys cost a bomb too, which adds to the mountain of other things we have to spend on. It’s only economical to rent certain items like rockers, or electronic toys. It’s just that you have to understand that some toys aren’t brand new. You have to be ok with toys that are missing a knob, or chipped a little bit on the edges.

Usually I disinfect the toys with soapy water before giving it to baby. But the trade-off is that you get to keep a few hundred ringgits! I’d say that’s fair.

I like that they have a huge selection of gadgets to choose from, ranging from birth to 2 years old. I even planned in advance when I looked at their product page.

The service is prompt, my order is received usually a day after payment. For returns, simply inform the owner and they will schedule a pick-up for you.

So guys, if you’re looking for baby rental equipment and toys, please check out and give them a try!

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