Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bright Side of the Economy Slum


Being a Selangor person, you can’t escape the unforgiving traffic jam that’s permanently plagued the state. A typically 20 minutes drive to PJ would take 1 hours and 30 minutes during rush hours. Funny that they call it the rush hour when cars are moving as fast as the donkey with stuff on it’s back.

In my case, the donkey is my trusty fast and the furious Princess Saga (it doesn’t look ladylike but it’s mine and I named it that, so shut), which for most cases is a cool manual transmission car. What is not cool is how I might get Arthritis by 30 if I keep up driving with manual gear. And besides, I’d like to work in KL after graduating. That or abroad, my choice is only between those two.

I only complained once or maybe twice (three at most, I swear) and my mom said that I should get an auto car! The dealings went on for about 2 weeks and a week after settling the loan, they call to say my car was ready!

Btw, the Perodua sales agent—yup I got a Perodua car— who’s name is Gary was really awesome and I’d like to recommend him to anybody who wants to buy a Perodua car; he made sure I got my car one day after the down payment!! And he was also really nice to make sure the car buying team (me, dad, mom, bro) were provided with drinks everytime we were there; the same couldn’t be said for Proton when I bought Princess Saga.

Looking back, maybe he was nice because of the bad economy and couldn’t afford to lose us rocking customers. Whatever. I still think he was really nice and the service was excellent.




My new ride!!!!! Woot!!!

Moral of the story: If you need to buy stuff, buy now 'cause all shop assistants are super duperly nice compared to when the economy was fast and furious. Back then, they were known as B----- you know what. Yeah, exactly. It's Blair Waldorf. And prices/interests are so low, you could buy two. I'm serious!!

Going! Take care!


cres said...

Your Princess Saga byk berbakti. I owe her a lot too. Hehe.
But for the sake of your precious bones, an auto deals with the jams in kl better.
Halo! to your new ride.

Update dgn selalu please. Hee.

Mr5zal said...

what a cool car.plz visit my blog

Adil said...

Yeah hello to my new ride! I haven't named her/him yet. Still need more time -__-

BTW, our whole family was so sad when it was time to part with my saga. We all loved that ganas lady. And my bro never get to make his drift..

Ahh well.. I guess it's time to move on.. We must change for the better right?

vorega badalamenti said...


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