Friday, April 13, 2012

Fave Product #1: L’occitane Shampoo


I love the L’Occitane shampoo range because a) they smell heavenly b) they personally remind me of my Bali trip c) they make my hair so soft and smooth d) they use the safest ingredients & contain essential oils.

There were lots of types of shampoo with different essential oil blends, depending on your need. Mine is especially for sensitive and irritated scalp. The main essential oils are chamomile, mandarin, basil, and lemongrass.

I wasn’t too crazy about this brand a while ago. But one time, my mom sneaked in a sample set of their shampoo into my cosmetics bag and I took them to Bali with me. I opened the bottle, smelled it and immediately fell in love with it. At that moment all I can think of is “I gotta get this.” Oh, worthy to note that the hubs love the smell too Smile


Just to indulge ourselves more, we also bought their diffuser which made our home smell like the forest in winter.

So anyway, I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner for two months now and I LOVE it. Worth paying RM150 for them. At least your hair doesn’t smell like chemicals, and they get unbelievably soft.

Plus, Loccitane stuff are all made in France. If this is the closest I get to France, so be it.

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