Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Assassin Housemaker

My shopping list used to be:
1. Sephora brush
2. *Gasp* fashionvalet has pretty new arrivals
3. Iphone cover (wish I could get two!)
4. Sephora (I forgot to get the bronzer)
5. Zara (Girl needs new clothes to work)

Nowadays, its:-
1. Dutch Lady fresh milk or Goodday (how I wish I could afford the australian fresh milk)
2. Organic brown sugar
3. Prego
4. Wire extension (Sighs third one still not enough)
5. parmesan cheese. mozarella cheese. cheddar cheese. ricotta cheese. cream cheese? whaa? so many types of cheese? cheese heaveenn
6. Beras pusa Basmathi Kashmir. #likeaboss

So basically I’m a foodie now. Just kidding. But really.

You know what? Honestly sometimes I feel like I’m leading a double life. Like an assassin one half, and a housewife one half. I’m not really the housemaker type, but I bake and cook stuff. One day, husband got back from work, and I was like, ta-da!! A beautiful bread pudding for you!!

At the back of my mind, I was like wth?! Since when did I become an expert on desserts? Annnnnnddd, I was at my aunt’s house one day, checking out how to make stew! B---dy h---!

Ok well maybe I’m overreacting, because husband appreciates the fact that I suddenly became a foodie, and my mom suddenly wants to come to our house to try my food.

On the other hand, I still buff up before meeting someone for work. I’m so dead serious about my work, and people often say that I’m 24 going on 30. Often times I feel like an assassin.




I think I just need a chill pill.
Everybody who’s reading, I love you all.


Geekazoid said...

I feel obligated to comment.

Never blog when you're high.

Yes. I can tell.

Apart from that, nice break from all weddingy stuff.


Adil said...

Haha~ thought so. But I think one more wouldn't hurt. Then it's finished.


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