Monday, June 11, 2012

Newfound Love


Before I was married, the weekends seem to expand to fit in a lot of activities. Being brought up in a huge extended family, 14 aunts and uncles, 20+ girl cousins, there’s bound to be something on during the weekend. If not, my parents would always have some plans, if not, I would make them with my brothers, and more often, I made plans with the girl friends.

But ever since I got married and moved out, it became quite a challenge to fill it up. Plus, everyone from the family seems to think that they don’t have to invite us to gatherings anymore. My mom didn’t call us to join bacaan quran at Wan’s grave. Hint: I still wanna join every barbeque, luncheons, soirees, holiday, whatever.

In the beginning, yes we needed the privacy, only because there was so much to get used to. Visiting husband’s family, setting up the house, buying stuff for the kitchen, juggling housework/work role. I think we got the rhythm about right when I quit my real estate job in March. (To be honest, I miss it soo much)

Anyways, one day:
Me: Let’s watch a movie tonight
Husband: What movie?
Me: What to expect when you’re expecting
Husband: We can download that from P**
Me: Ok fine. So what do we do this weekend? Omg lets go to flea market in Jaya 1
Husband: We need to save.
Me: Go Singapore!!!
Husband: Need to save. Why don’t we walk at FRIM?
Me: Huh?

Aaand Eureka! We found our answer to a cheap, thrilling, not to mention healthy way to spend the weekend!

Jungle trekking. Hiking. Whatever you call it. Lalala.

Not that I don’t love outdoor sports, you know I do. I just never liked hiking that much. Wet branches, mosquitoes, leeches, and you never know whats lurking on the tree branches. I'm slowly getting used to it.

This week we climbed Bukit Tabur. Will write about it soon!


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