Friday, January 8, 2016

B is for Bring It On, but Be Kind

Happy 2016 all. It’s another new year! Trumpets. Fireworks! Scratch that. Had enough of that.
I’ve kinda missed blogging. Blogging makes me think of stuff I don’t usually think about sometimes! Sometimes I’ve got so much to say but when looking at a blank white page, it gets intimidating. So I stop. Usually I go get something to eat. Haha.

Anyways, for me personally 2015 might’ve been the hardest year in my whole adult life. The economy took a hit last year to put it simply, and the family finance is forced to take a squeeze. I didn’t get to cross a few things on my 2015 goals. It stared at me with unrelenting eyes on the 31st Dec. Makes me a bit sad. But I’ve moved on.

I’ve been a work at home mom for 2 years now, before that a work at home housewife. Just to be clear I run a few small businesses. To be clear--micro businesses. And it’s not easy seeing other people doing small businesses making it big and sounding like they’ve never failed. I guess you’ve got social media to thank for.

I don’t think anyone in the world would feel happy seeing other people having the things that you want on a daily basis. And for that reason, I don’t think successful people actually spend any time at all on social media EXCEPT to post their own stuff. So. That’s my personal resolution this year: no moping on social media EXCEPT to spread some love. Except during weekends. Fair enough?

Speaking of weekends, I’m also putting it in my resolution to dedicate the weekend morning to recreational activities. So far we’re doing good on that. Even Naila my two year old is on board. Yesterday before drifting off to sleep, she actually mumbled, “ride bicycle at the pork.” Pork is park. We’ve been going to the park every single weekend to make our rounds and sometimes we ride bikes. Naila loves it!

Thank you god for the small pleasures in life.

I have a feeling 2016 isn’t exactly going to be a walk in the park. In fact it’s the year of tough decisions, and much adjustment. I feel like I took a beating in 2015. Something like the school of hard knocked life. If one day I look back, and can begin to think that last year was a little funny and bittersweet, I might tell you a long story about it. But for now, the wounds are still fresh. I’m still bleeding.

Please be kind 2016. 

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