Saturday, September 26, 2009

Call Me A Rock Star

In a few more weeks, we’re having a batch dinner. I was excited until they told us the theme is “Rockstar”. So basically I really didn’t feel like going because I don’t FEEL the theme. What the heck am I ganna wear to a rockstar themed batch dinner anyway?

gah.. I honestly think the theme is a bit retarded, especially for a dinner. When I hear ROCK STAR, I picture denim, leather jackets, chains, and black eyeliner. You know, pretty standard stuff. Basically, you have to look badass with an I-don’t-care attitude and like you just rolled out of bed and get dressed under 5 minutes with yesterday’s make-up still on. Yeap pretty much like that.

So I went on Polyvore, check out what I found.


Taylor Momsen of the Gossip Girls fame. Lately she’s been struck by the rock star, or rather rock chick style.

article-1053404-0291123C00000578-813_224x423_popup article-1053404-0291123100000578-693_224x423_popup

Then we have Kate Moss. Being a fashion model, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her definition of a rock chick is a mix between glamour and sophistication.

rock chic rhianna

Rihanna. Her outfit is very pulled together and it’s my favorite out of the bunch.

… And in any doubt, just refer back to the ultimate rock star.


P/s: I’m talking more about girls here because face it, in real life, rock stars are MEN. Go Google yourself =P Choice number one: Steven Tyler.


not steven tyler said...

might not go. coz of the theme, not many are going, no fun going alone is it. haha.

"My dear frens, pls jump on the twitter bandwagon now. OMG. Am I the only one savvy enuf 2 kno smthing other than FACEBOOK????"

u might not look like one, but u sure do act like a rockstar... haha.

btw, are you anon?

Adil said...

Nahhh that's not a rockstar. ROckstars are like, dude! here's a blackberry for ya. I got twitterrific installed on it. It's rockin' man! Follow me!

...or maybe that sounds more like Kanye west..

yeap im anon. but not anymore apparently.

not steven tyler said...

oh, sorry. u sound more like those rich snob-ish girls from GG than a rockstar.

and yes, that does sound more like kanye. rockstars don't even bother having twitter. *reference to self*

i knew it. the smiley gave you away. =D

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